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Whether you are an international organization already in the Australian marketplace, or a company looking to enter the Australia/New Zealand region, Akiko can provide on the ground, strategy implementation assistance. 

Strategic planning is key. Even if your firm is thriving in the Australian market, it requires a strategic evaluation of market factors – economic, geographical and shifting trends – to maintain long term success. Maintaining profitability is made possible by ensuring all the right tools are in place. To make this a reality, the Akiko strategic approach focuses on three pillars of successful business practice: People, Process and Technology. 


To properly execute any business plan, qualified staff are a necessity. Whilst staffing may operate in a certain way internationally, Australian businesses and workplace laws require adherence to strict guidelines.  

As such, whether your business is established or pursuing further growth, you need to have the right people who can execute the required functions. 

The Akiko team will strive to understand your business needs and pinpoint the human resources (and the skillsets) that are needed. We think in the long term, finding the people who can help set up your company in the ANZ region, stabilise it and then grow it. 

Process Planning


Time and time again, Akiko experts have seen that the processes which companies employ are a critically underrated factor towards business success. Many companies continue to use the same processes year on year despite changes in the wider commercial environment. 

Whilst developing your market entry strategy, Akiko can also assist with your process improvement initiatives. We will look at your current business processes and adapt them to meet the standards of the Australian market. From here, we will consider best-practice process management systems for your company. 

Our knowledge of Australian policies, laws and commercial practices will ensure your organisation is fully compliant. 


Technology systems used in one country don’t necessarily translate to another. Whilst certain IP applications can be part of Australian operations, many technologies, such as overseas payroll systems, won’t work in Australia. 

Akiko will find the right technology to complement the people and processes of your organisationWhilst a platform may be widely used or highly recommended, it will not necessarily be right for your company. 


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