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Within mature markets such as Australia or New Zealand, maintaining business growth is a common struggle. The business growth specialists at Akiko have witnessed it time and again – and it’s often the result of organizations not embracing Australia’s commercial culture. 

If you are seeking assistance with growing your business in Australia, Akiko are expert consultants who can provide you with the guidance needed. We will conduct thorough analysis to ensure your company has performed the required market segmenting and market positioning activities for the Australian commercial landscape. At the same time, we provide an integrated suite of services to ensure your business branding is in line with your market positioning strategy.  

One of our core strategies is to ensure you have a complete understanding of the Australian commercial landscape. We will examine the products or services your company offers to determine why they are successful or unsuccessfulWith our extensive experience in the Australian marketplace, we can best assess your existing strategy and suggest improvements to ensure your products or services are in line with local demands. 

Market Segmenting 


Our process begins by researching the needs of the Australian commercial landscape specific to your industry. Following this, we divide your potential customers into groups. Are they positioned by location? Behaviour? Socio-economic factors? Psychographic characteristics? Or, a mix of several (or all)? In this phase, we turn to your potential customers and ensure you have a clear picture of who will buy from your company.

We ensure you fully understand the marketplace you operate within before making key strategic decisions.

Market Segmentation for Market Entry and Business growth
Market Positioning

Market Positioning


From here, we look at the competitive advantages you possess that can attract potential customers. Market positioning will examine the fit between your capabilities and the needs of the Australian marketplace. We can help rectify issues wherein the fit between customer needs and your products or services is less than optimum. For instance, it is possible your market positioning is currently based on one aspect – say, cost – when your Australian target market desires quality over cost.

We will help you create an effective positioning strategy – or, if necessary, a repositioning strategy.

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