Akiko helps international companies with business branding to ensure their company stands out and grows in the Australian marketplace. 

We are highly experienced in pinpointing what has made your company a success in other countries and ensuring it resonates in the ANZ market. 

We will identify your main competitors in the Australian marketplace and ensure your company branding correlates with Australian culture. From here, we will match your business with the right marketing experts for your company. Working with them, Akiko can ensure that your marketing is based on a pull strategy – crucial for an organisation that is fighting for market recognition. 

We will work with your company to create a market outreach program in order to build a proper business network. This can be achieved through an array of events, PR and associating with complimentary organisations via business outreach. Furthermore, we also develop a program of blogs, articles and reviews in order to encourage people who use and trust your brand to spread the word. By doing so, we aim to ensure your entry into the Australian marketplace is successful. 

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