When considering market entry, you must consider the impacts of Industry, Institutional and Resource factors.

Planning for market entry can be a daunting task. As specialists in market entry, Akiko has a proven track record in ensuring domestic and international organisations have conducted the prerequisite business planning. Akiko grounds its business strategy planning by ensuring a company has considered the institutional, industry, and internal requirements of the Australian/New Zealand environment.

Industry Level Factors


How many competitors exist? How extensive are the barriers to industry entry? Are there substantial switching costs in the market? What power do buyers have in the market?

Our process begins by researching the needs of the Australian commercial landscape in relation to your products or services. From here, we analyse how the market forces at play influence the competitive environment of your industry.

Industry Factors for Market Entry
Market Entry Institutional Considerations

Institutional Level Factors


How do specific product laws differ? Do cultural practices shape the way customers receive products? Do customers have specific normative behaviors not present in your home country?

Once industry competitiveness has been evaluated, we explore how ANZ institutions differ from your home country. Here we examine how potential differences in culture, legal systems and normative behaviours impact your firm’s entry strategy.

Resource (Internal) Factors

How distinct are your capabilities? How easily imitated are your core competencies? How well suited are your resources towards an ANZ market?

Following this, we determine how successfully your mix of resources will translate to the Australian marketplace. Specifically, we evaluate what valuable competencies you can bring to the market that is distinct from established competitors.

Resource Considerations for Market Entry

From here, it is critical your company has a strong strategic direction and a compelling value proposition. Akiko is an expert in this process, and we suggest a series of strategic steps that analyse: 

Why should you enter the Australian/New Zealand market? 

When should you enter the Australian/New Zealand market? 

What should you enter the Australian/New Zealand market with? 

Where within the Australian/New Zealand market should you enter? 

How should you enter the Australian/New Zealand market? 

Market Entry Framework

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